Word Spelunker

Do you like to go deep when exploring for weird, fun, or unusual words? If so, then Word Spelunker is the tool for you. With it you can delve deep into the caverns of a very large dictionary file. There you can discover strange and mysterious words that you can use for usernames or product names or unique insults to yell at rude drivers. (You might even use it to cheat at word games but, only if you can live with yourself afterwards.)

With features like a Google Define button (and on macOS, a Dictionary lookup button) you'll have hours and hours of fun not only finding new words but learning their meanings.

Features the ability to search for words that:
  • Start with
  • Contain
  • End with
...any string of letters of your choosing.

Best of all, all of this language exploring is free. Free! (There is a donate button in the about dialog but, that's something I put there mostly for my own amusement.)

What are you waiting for? Scroll down to the bottom this page and download this amazing program and start your word adventures now.

Oh, and here's some screen shots to whet your appetite for word discovering and dictionary file exploring:

macOS version:
Windows version:

Linux version:

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