Spread2Web is a utility for converting comma separated (.csv) or tab delimited (.tab) files to nice clean HTML tables or JSON data. It can be very useful for taking data from spreadsheets and getting it published on the web. Simply export your spreadsheet to a .csv or .tab file, open it in Spread2Web and click "Convert." You can copy and paste the conversion to another program (like an HTML editor) or you can save it in its own file.

What's new in version 3.1 (1/17/2015):

  • Fixed UI issue where "Open containing folder" button was not repositioning
  • Update manual installation instructions for Windows 7/8

What's new in version 3.0 (4/16/2014):

  • Completely redesigned user interface (allows you to see your source file and conversion at the same time)
  • Ability to produce JSON data as well as HTML tables
  • Conversions can now be saved to files (previously Spread2Web could only copy and paste to another editor)
  • Double clicking a file name in the CSV files list now opens that file
  • "Copy to Clipboard" button added (saving you the trouble of doing an "Edit: Select All" & "Edit: Copy")
  • "Open containing folder" button added next to the File Path field
  • Remembers whether you convert a file to HTML or JSON

Things that haven't changed:

  • Remembers the files that you add to the CSV files list
  • Can open comma separated values (.csv) or tab delimited (.tab) files
  • Button to switch HTML tags between upper & lower case (defaults to lower case)
  • If you switch to your spreadsheet, make changes, and save your .csv or .tab file, when switching back to Spread2Web, it will detect the change and offer to reload & reconvert the file

Spread2Web is released as donation ware. There are no restrictions or limits placed on it but you need to donate in order to get rid of the pesky nag screen appearing at each launch of the program.

Here's what Spread2Web looks like:


Mac - Windows - Linux (32 bit) - Linux (64-bit)